Hatch Sketch - A sketch of a compact city car rendered manually using markers
Multi Sketches - Just some sketches I drew whilst watching a fil thought i'd piece them together nd stick em up
Practice Sketch - A quick sketch used to practice and develop skills
SUV - A rapid loose sketch developed with a quick marker render
Helicopter - A simple biro sketch of a helicopter
4x4 - A practice render using markers and biro, of a strong robust 4x4 concept
Ferrari Dino - A personal interpretation of a modern version of the classic Dino
Iveco Sketchwork - A selection of concept generation sketches produced whilst on a work placement with Iveco
Burton Extreme Utility Vehicle - A manual rendering of a concept for an untility vehicle for the outdoor sports brand Burton Snowboards
Lamborghini Muira - A personal and modern interpretation for a new Muira concept
Jimi Brown
4th year Transportation Design Student Newcastle, United Kingdom