my other half - 'my other half' is a pair of wine glasses, with a hollow stem, which allows the liquid to flow freely through a tube joining the two glasses. Users must learn to co-operate, to drink their wine. "It is interesting in that it shows people that their behaviour has a consequence on other people." Psychologist- John Kentish "It's a concept of abundance, sharing, there's always going to be enough, there's ever flowing energy." Tantric Practitioner- Aida Capelli "Share it! drink it! steal it!"
'til death do us part - To inhale smoke, both people must draw on the pipe together. The couple must co-oporate if they want to smoke. Trust of one's partner is needed, since they have an opportunity to release the tube early and cause the other to inhale excess smoke. The importance of releasing the tube at the same time, but also debilitating the ability to speak means that the couple must devise a non-verbal signal. Consequently, a sensitisation to the partner's body language and body signals is developed.
mirror mirror - A communication tool for couples. This device allows a person see their own words come out of their partner's mouth. A product, which mixes one's identity with the partner's and teaches empathy. "It's mucking up feedback really isn't it?" Psychologist- John Kentish "Spooky. A high-tech 'Namaste'" Tantric Practitioner- Aida Capelli Photograph by David Hendley
my other half - Photograph by Carlo Draisci
my other half - 'Blindspot' is a range of products that can stimulate insight into a couple's personal relationship. These devices are from a series that demand a level of intimacy and cooperation on behalf of their users. For example, both must synchronise their actions if they are to enjoy the wine/cigarette properly. Photograph by Carlo Draisci
The Blindspot Range
Jim Rokos
Product Designer London, United Kingdom