IBO-Kuul’s adventure
The Riviera Maya has a proud historical legacy and is full of natural beauty and mysticism. Its inhabitants feel and respect their connection with the greenery and the vestiges of the past that surround them. Such is the case of the jaguar IBO-Kuul, and this is his story. Get ready to meet him!
IBO-Kuul woke up early to watch the sunrise. While the sun, Kinich Ahau, rose in the sky, the jaguar felt the warmth embracing him and wondered what his life purpose was. He felt an immense desire to find out and launched himself into an adventure.
The jaguar decided to start in Xcaret to consult the four cenotes (“natural sinkhole” in Spanish) that have reigned there since the time of his ancestors. IBO-Kuul visited all the cenotes looking for answers. He saw himself reflected in each one of them, studied his eyes, his fangs, his ears, and everything that makes him “sacred to the Mayans.” The teaching of the cenotes was unequivocal: Know yourself, and you will find the answers within you.
Aktun-Chen is Mayan for “natural well inside a cave.” A remarkable natural eco-park ranked as a Top 10 Underground Walk by National Geographic. The Aktun-Chen grotto is estimated to have formed approximately 5 million years ago. Some of its darkest caves are teeming with life, inhabited by bats and coatis. Swimming in the underground cenotes, surrounded by ancient stalactites and stalagmites, makes this fantastic experience of a lifetime genuinely unforgettable.
Continuing his journey, the brave IBO-Kuul arrived at the beautiful Aktun-Chen and used his abilities to negotiate the obstacles he encountered in the cave that led to the underground river. Once there, he asked the river what the purpose of his life was. The river continued flowing without saying much, but the message was loud and clear: Flow and adapt to the changes.
Cobá is Mayan for “abundant water,” among many other meanings historians have discovered. This ceremonial site is where the largest network of stone causeways {sacbé} of the ancient Mayan world came together. These sacbés were used to travel between cities, and one of the largest ones found is 100 km long, connecting Cobá with Yaxuná. You’ll find the great pyramid, the observatory, and a series of stelae {plural for stele} depicting the critical life events of their times.
His search took IBO-Kuul to Cobá, and even as a majestic jaguar, he felt small before the greatness of the place. He went through the ruins and pondered about everything, the outstanding achievements of the Mayan that built everything he saw. At the bottom of the pyramid, he looked up at the steps and felt he had to climb them. On his way to the top, he stopped for a moment, and fatigue overtook him. He turned around, thinking about going down, and saw that he had already gone up a great height; he felt renewed with energy and decided to continue to conquer the top. Once he made it, he experienced a view like never before. Filled with pride for his achievement, IBO-Kuul let out a mighty roar, drawing the attention of the rest of the inhabitants of the riviera. Marveled by his triumph, they all looked up to see the jaguar at the top of the pyramid. And that is how the jaguar IBO-Kuul became a leader - now the animals wanted to be like him - Don’t give up and reach the top.
The adventures of the jaguar took him to the peaceful beach of Akumal, where he saw many turtles living together as a group; others moved in groups towards the Caribbean Sea. IBO-Kuul asked them why they did everything together. The turtles shared their wisdom with him: when they moved as a team, they were stronger, kept safe, and learned from each other. IBO-Kuul understood that being part of a team makes one stronger.
IBO-Kuul returned to his favorite tree to rest and meditate on everything he learned in his adventure: Know yourself, and you’ll find the answers within you. Flow and adapt to changes. Do not give up on achieving leadership. Working as a team makes you stronger. He had found his purpose in life. Now he felt ready to go on more adventures and transcend. ENZACTA helps you achieve your goals.
IBO-Kuul’s adventure

The project was to create a concept for the 2019 incentive trip for the top distributors and the activities included. The setting in the Riviera Maya served as a backdrop for my idea of creating a Mayan character that would guide the winners, teaching them a bit about each of the parks they were visiting while reinforcing the qualities every successful entrepreneur must have and hone.
Enter IBO-Kuul, the Mayan jaguar, searching for its purpose in life. I wanted the name to sound Mayan and easy enough to be remembered and to resonate with the Independent Business Owners, or IBO for short. Kuul is a made-up word that intentionally sounds Mayan and sounds like “cool.”

I divided the story into five cards for each park the IBOs would visit. Some IBOs lost their cards or got them wet while visiting the different venues, so they asked for a new set to take home as a souvenir.

Idea, concept & copywriting: Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras
Art Direction & design: Fernando Delint Ramírez

Freelance, Full-time
Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras
Creative Director | Art & Copy | Bilingual Ciudad de México, Mexico