Product mockup shipped to the creative lead's home on her birthday.
Label based on the current design used on the brand's products. I considered every detail carefully. The copy on the label matches the authentic products' voice and tone, but the benefits are the creative lead's qualities. Even the "Supplement Facts" are tailor-made to show the team's appreciation.
View PDF - The label includes a QR code that leads to an email blast with the actual happy birthday card. A simple gift turned into an offline to online experience.
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Product mockup as a gift

I came up with a simple yet exciting, personal, and utterly on-brand idea to make a gift for our creative lead's birthday. We made a mockup label for a "creative supplement" and named it after the creative lead. Our flagship product uses three letters as part of its name. For this fictional product, we used "CDG: creative design guidance."
The label features the benefits of taking the supplement; these are some of the creative lead qualities. The label includes a QR code that launches an email blast, again, 100% on-brand with the communication used to inform the distributors of new products.
The entire experience was a sound success, and it was the simplest of ideas, with clean execution and real insights.

Idea, copywriting & creative direction: Jorge Inchaurregui
Graphic design: Rosa Retana

Freelance, Full-time
Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras
Creative Director | Art & Copy | Bilingual Ciudad de México, Mexico