Hope Vest

We lost more than 300 young students by shipwreck several months ago in Korea.
The disaster is not yet ended and many students are still missing.

That disaster made us wonder about why a life vest has not been developed since it was invented.
So we start thinking what is the better solution to increase a chance of rescue and survive longer.
Then, we found several possible opportunities and apply these to new life vest.
The project name is 'HOPE VEST' and the output was completed with the help of brand new technology from Dupont and LuminAID.
Of course if the students wore the 'HOPE VEST', they couldn't survive because our case was man-made disaster.
However, we believe 'HOPE VEST' can help people for emergency in the water
and will be a good example of next generation of life vest.

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Jinwoo Han
Founder of Ahhaproject 서울특별시, South Korea