Street Scanner for the blinds

Description : This device is working by sensing the objects around.
It can recognize the objects by distance sensor and inform user of distance of obstruction by buttons or voices.
The detector includes of popup buttons where your thumb placed that will indicate the position and distance of objects around you.
And each button works with 2 levels of heights depends on obstacles, moving objects or not.
In addition, middle-bottom button indicates a plat path to walkable or not.
This obstacle detector can help working utilizing the well
developed tactile sense of the blind man. It will raise an alert for the blind to avoid any obstacles and allow time to be ready in advance.
Our top concern of this project is that the blind who use this doesn't look visually impaired person to others.
We really want them to be seen as a normal person using a cool gadget.

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Jinwoo Han
Founder of Ahhaproject 서울특별시, South Korea