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Coleman packaging - Flat patterns & graphics.
Coleman packaging - Boating, hiking, biking, diving, climbing. These are some of the activities of the people who are snatching up the latest and
greatest Coleman Outdoor Products. Coleman is packaging illuminating glowsticks, toasty hand warmers, and a floating lantern all geared towards the experienced, adventurous outdoorsman. People who are not afraid of summiting that next peak or nose-diving into those icy waterfalls will be intrigued by Colemans new approach at hitting their thrill-seeking sector.
The Knife - The Knife is a Swedish electronic band. Like their music, the band is quite eccentric. The following CD packaging attempts to capture their unique style and intrigue.
The Knife - The CD creature knows just how to grab your attention. He playfully spits out the contents of the packaging to reveal two CDs & a booklet held in a claw-like grasp.
The Knife - CD packaging - development
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