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Electrolux Fog Shower - Design Lab 07 - Reduces water consumption immensely by creating a vapor flow with microscopic water droplets. The water is heated and sent under pressure to an ultrasonic vaporizer, and is then forced through perforated metal plates. An intelligent sensor system aims the water in different angles, depending on the movements of the person showering.
It utilize renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. In addition, the device saves energy simply because less water needs to be heated.
Interface of the Electrolux Fog Shower - Design Lab 07 - Display / interface
eG-Refrigerator - Person each one have a completely different routines for the other. One reflection of that change in behavior is the consumption of food that is completely different from one person to another: some people consume more frozen foods, other natural foods, this is a reflection of constant releases of new products and stay in fashion.
The horizontal design is to integrate into kitchens designed for the better division of units, and also provide better entertainment.
Araucaria Porta Objetos - The Project was developed based on a purpose of creating a product based upon another already existent product in the market. The objective of the team was to honour the state of Parana, as a product that answers local necessities. Regarding to the high rain level of the area.

Selecionado e exibido na CASA BRASIL ( Primeira Edicao)
Selected and Showed in the CASA BRASIL ( First Edition)

Barbara Benatti Naletto
Joao Diego Schimansky
Green Island Cruising Yacht - Concept Boat

Showed in the BOAT SHOW in Londown - 2007
Exibido no BOAT SHOW em Londres -2007

Cristina Chigusa Matsushita
João Diego Schimansky
Project Instintuns - Instintuns, inteligent device for decrease energy waste.
Instintuns - www.instintuns.com
Radius Phone
Puff Fan - Designers:

Eloisa Kuzai
Joao Diego Schimansky
Olivia Carina Miranda
Andes Mobile
i - White Table
Andes House - Concept MonTain House
Andes House - Concept MonTain House
This is Andes House your natural passion.
Concept cell phone R8 - Concept mobile LG - R8
Future cell phone.
Concept Mobile R8 - Concept mobile LG - R8
Future cell phone.
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First Projects

Here have some projects of my portfolio.

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João Diego Schimansky
Designer & Brander Curitiba, Brazil