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Malibu - www.seriamentenaboa.com
Following the brand's guidelines, this winter promo-website comes to this level of insanity.
BenQ Siemens Qfi - www.benqsiemens-qfi.com.pt
BenQ Siemens new cellphone Qfi EF71 website. Online games and super easy going content areas.
Republica das Bananas - www.republicadasbananas.com
Republica das Bananas is a film production specialized in tv ads. The website consists of two rooms, each one with very funny and specific characteristics.
Maria Joao Bastos - www.mariajoaobastos.com
Famous portuguese actress website. I've done the set, decoration and illustration from sketch.
Evolucao Gastronomica - www.evolucaogastronomica
Website for the company who runs 3 restaurants at the Casino Lisboa. Also see print set.
Quebra Mar - www.quebramar.pt
Portuguese clothing brand, the site has an online catalog and is very easy to navigate.
Lisbon Ad School - www.lisbonadschool.com
One of my favourite projects ever. Lots of fun being "outside of the box".
Magnificas Producoes - www.magnificasproducoes.com
This Theatre Company wanted something that represented their main audience target: teenagers. So I created a girl's messy room, full of day-to-day objects which teenies are familiarized to.
Campo Aberto website - www.campo-aberto.com
Feeling the need to be comercial but at the same time a little unorthodox, Campo aberto.com is a simple but eye-catching html straight website.
InSolutions - Informatic consulting company specialized in security.
Compudata - (not online yet)
Informatic company with online shopping. Looks like flasher but its a htmler, simple and modern.
PineaVillage - www.pineavillage.com
Website for a luxury resort.
Aguas do Planalto
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João Franco
senior graphic designer at Omni Brand Lab Lisbon, Portugal