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Bentwood Desktop Picture Frame - This is a picture frame designed for use on desks and tables, where multiple photographs could be displayed without the use of the infamous "kick stand" approach. There is less than 3% waste on a 4'x8' sheet of material, they stack and function through the use of magnets embedded into the wood before glue up, voiding the pieces from any moveable (breakable) hardware.
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This Salt and Pepper set was designed to fit in with the current playful brand Alessi. As the user sees two puzzle pieces on the table, the temptation to try and solve the puzzle intrigues them into playing with them. Rotationally or blow molded plastic or injected molded polished aluminium.
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Equalizer Candelabra - As these candles burn down, the "sound level" of the overall equalizer changes, evoking the intereaction of the user to decide which candles to burn.
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Joel Smith
Furniture and Industrial Designer Dallas, TX