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The customer & brand
I researched how current car wash solution keep-fill containers work, the problems associated with them, what features add value, & the competition. Unfortunately, I was not given direct access to users.
Aesthetic references were taken from JBS Industries product line aesthetics, the automotive industry, & function accentuation.
A puncturing needle is used to easily open both rigid jugs & cubitainers & allow them to drain into the unit without the need for further human interaction.
To balance user information & manufacturing constraints, I decided to design level indicators that did not require molding undercuts (which eliminates conventional number characters in this case). Getting the container bottom off the floor prevented freezing in cold weather.
The best combination of ergonomics, aggressive automotive aesthetics, & JBS branding. The lowest point is at the intake nozzle to maximize the amount of solution that can be taken up & minimize left-over.
Ease & cleanliness of removing the solution intake nozzle was also a priority.
Designed for the opportunities & constraints of the rotomolding process. The custom removable fitting was switched out for a threaded bung-hole fitting combined with several other components that the customer was using previously.
The unit accepting a cubitainer
The unit accepting a rigid jug
A JBS Industries customer (carwash operator) before using the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. keep-fill containers
After implementing the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. keep-fill containers & system
Several years later, the customer decided to make a generation 2 container. Requested changes included an inset for a tap, size reduction, cubitainer reception capability removal, front handle removal, front wheel removal, top label area removal, & level mark reduction. I considered handholds to still be useful & suggested some be implemented on the sides.
The next iteration included an improved needle design, a more precise specification of the tap, & an inset so test tubes below the tap would be protected from bumping from the side.
The HAZMAT label was also relocated as a result of the tap inset.
I had in-depth discussions with rotomolders to ensure manufacturability
The molding strategy allowed actual characters to be used next to the level indicator marks. The typeface was chosen for moldability (size of features, rounded corners) & readability.
Generation 2 container in use
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C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Container Storage for Car Wash Solution

A keep-fill container for storing car wash solution before it is pumped into the wash. It needed to accept refills from both rigid jugs & bag-in-box cubitainers.

Joel Vanboening
Industrial Designer Covington, KY