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The MarsVee journey to Mars explores all aspects of a trip to the Red planet. The user also gets to build and fly their own Autogami MarsVee as they imagine what it will be like to explore Mars.
UFO HOAX uses Augmented Reality to create a mobile movie studio on your smart phone. Each page and subject links to AR pages with video tutorials so the user can make and edit their F/X with aid of noted effects pros in real time.
This paper robot was the main element for the ROBOTS book developed by BeckerMayer Books for Silver Dolphin Publishing.
The Autogami toy line included a group of characters to go along with Recycled Racer theme. The head of the crew was Junkyard Joe (no relation) and his dog. Each character had a back story to match the different race cars, like Ramudo Odagaz and the Baja Taco Buggy.
The characters and their vehicles all come to life at Joe's Junkyard where there is a limitless supply of cool recycled stuff.
Books and Publishing

Using the Autogami technique I originally developed for cars, I expanded the concept into action books including space vehicles, robots and hobby kits

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Joe Warren
Industrial Designer / Innovator Tucson, AZ