QMB, closed with 30" D. table top. What better place to make eye contact, face to face while sharing food, drink or ideas then while sitting or standing around a table? Providing a meeting space that can grow and adapt as needed.
QMB combines a round bar height table with four fold-out stools to create a new type of seating experience. The fold out stools give the user the option to open up only the seats that are needed, then easily fold away the stools when finished.
You only need one piece of furniture to perform the function of many. When closed, it uses less space, when open, it could accommodate as many as four people. Depending on how many people want to stand or sit you only fold out what is needed from a single QMB. If you want to stand and work, then you’ve got a 30” diameter table,If it’s just you…only one seat is required, foldout what you need.
Stand and work
Fold out a seat to make a perfect personal work station.
Fold out as many seats as your need.
Social Seating on demand, face to face with friends sharing drinks, ideas and good times.
QMB MAX with Fusion wheeled case. See video: http://youtu.be/DdhHRbrSFhE
QMB easily slides out of Fusion case.
Unpack On-Board 10' Pop Up Display.
QMB MAX setup and ready for business.
Fold out seats for clients who need a place to rest after miles of aisles at trade shows.
I used :10 scale models to develop the mechanism and layout
Ergonomics and CNC layout where further refined in CAD
QMB, Quad Micro Bar

The QMB is a four seat micro bar that can be used for a variety of social seating scenarios, including dining, enjoying beverages or as a work surface while standing or sitting. Tables and chairs are cumbersome, space consuming assemblies that take up extra space when the chairs are not in use. If you don't need four chairs, why not have the option of only setting out what is required, even a table without any chairs? Multi-functionality is the driving trend behind most new products and a bar/chair configuration should be able to blend both functions into a single unified component. Also, check out QMB MAX which includes and on-board 10' Pop Up display that fits inside and folds out for trade shows and promotional events. http://www.core77designawards.com/2013/award_category/diy/

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Joe Warren
Industrial Designer / Innovator Tucson, AZ