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The DUV design allows a wheelchair user to transfer laterally to the drivers seat, then store the folded wheelchair on the rear of the vehicle.
The prototype DUV uses a 20 HP four stroke Briggs and Straton engine capable of 45 MPH. The design could also be adapted to use an electric motor with 12V batteries.
Designed for any size user, wheel chair can be positioned for lateral transfer.. The internal lift jack raises vehicle 9" to allow making driver seat level with wheelchair.
There is ample space for two passengers. Hand controls allow operation by any user.
Scissor door allows for easy access to either side. Wheelchair is attached to lift jack mechanism and is lowered for parking and transfer.
Using a center aluminum frame all components can be easily accessed for maintenance and assembly. All of the body panels are made with recycled plastic.
The DUV is street legal and can be operated on all types of roads, (not including freeways). The stored wheelchair is rotated forward allowing for direct lateral transfer.
The original concept was more like a motorcycle. After review by disabled users, the body was modified to be more car like.
All panels are hinged to allow for easy access and installation
Recycled plastic panels are ideal for exposure to salt water and UV light.

The concept behind the DUV, was to create a vehicle that can operated by both a person with or without a disability. This is the essence of what Universal Design is about, providing access to all. Essentially, anyone can drive a DUV. The design is not compromised by making the vehicle unique to the disabled user. Everyone can have access to mobility without the stigma of being viewed as a car for disabled only.

Joe Warren
Industrial Designer / Innovator Tucson, AZ