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Autogami, The Ancient Art of Folding Paper into Outrageous Vehicles let kids make their own fun line of paper toys. Recycled Racers is the theme of the seven different vehicles, each invented by Junkyard Joe using bits and pieces from the world's largest junkyard.
The seven original Autogami Recycled Racers
The story line behind the Recycled Racers finds a collection of misfit drivers teamed with cars to match their personalities. Who wouldn't want to hang out with Remundo Ondagaz, Shorty Fuse or even Porsha Glamarosa and her bathtub Porsche complete with hot tub.
Super Carrier is the first in the line of Autogami 3D Action books. The book includes a jet that flies and can take off and land on the carrier deck.
Working with Indy Champ Al Unser Jr., I developed several licensing programs with toy companies including Tonka,Hasbro and BanDai.
This interactive book explored how an MP3 player in the form of a friendly robot called Fastgo D. Gamma could teach kids about our solar system.
Flutterby Junction is an interactive playground complex created for the Valparaiso Parks department. It featured touch activated kiosks and learning panels that teach kids about the nearby wetlands while they play.
Working with Taco Bell, I developed a toy promotion program that featured Lenny DaVinci (Leonardo's not so brilliant brother) with faux 15th century inventions.
Toys and Early Childhood Development

Toy design projects for Tonka, Hasbro and Little Tikes working on boys toys, playgrounds and interactive books. In 2001,my invention called Autogami (The Ancient Art of Folding Paper into Outrageous Vehicles) garnered the BusinessWeek IDEA award in IDSA annual competition

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Joe Warren
Industrial Designer / Innovator Tucson, AZ