Carlsberg UEFA Euro 2012 Twisting Glass - Carlsberg are currently releasing this glass as part of a promotion of the 2012 European soccer championships hosted jontly by Poland and Ukraine. You can get the glass at the Carlberg online shop here or for free if you buy a 12-pack at a few Swedish grociery-stores. The glass was inspired by the twisting building Turning Torso designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
Jabra Sport - Running Without That Wire - This wireless concept was first pitched by me in 2008 but became a reality first in 2011. There are competitior with similar concepts out there but this one is unique in the sense that it’s slimmer, thus making sense to wear while runing. The color scheme takes its stand-point in the Jabra sport series of colors: black & yellow.
Super-ergonomic buds in style - Innovative improved ergonomics on smart-phone ear-buds solving the fall-out problem: Jabra CHILL (left) features a loop moving the bud to the ear canal, amplifying the audio. RHYTHM (center) is by its design naturally secure. Jabra ACTIVE (right), for sports or other more demanding music-lovers, is even more secure by the ear gel design. Designed with ergonomic flowing shapes, amplifying the ergonomic look. My job was 360 ID service: concept, features, 3D for manufacturing, packaging.
Jabra Stone2 - The headset with a new shape, that charges in a pebble in your pocket. Claimed the CES (Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas) Best of Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award!'
Jabra FREEWAY in-car speakerphone - This is a visor-mounted speakerphone with shapes mimicking a sun-visor, to naturally blend with the car environment. The three buttons on the closer front face are designed as a single part for a clean minimalistic design. The three speakers speak of HiFi audio in their looks with the black speaker fabric. The keys work just like in your car panel: the text is light-colored against a dark background, and can glow when activated. The design was awarded the Red Dot Design Award. Visit
Colgate Children's Toothbrush - looks like a caterpillar 2k molding
Sony WEGA series televisions - freelance for Sony Style.
Light Switches & power outlets - For the modern European home. German/Scandinavian basic (low-end) segment of the market.
The Jabra Supreme - From ID POV the Supreme was a design challenge: A large electronics-package, a flipping boom-arm, a moving ring for the ear hook. All this needed to be packaged into one shape that would work both on and off the ear. The ID has its roots in the music/audio-category of products, where inspiration was gathered for the cushion design. The ‘metal’ body itself was inspired by watches, and how the links works on the wrist band.

Samples of work done after 2008...