Money2: In collaboration with electrical science and software engineering students, an electronic payment system based on RFID technology was developed. Prominent factors from the preliminary study such as speed, reliability and accessibility were highly prioritized throughout the project. Finished prototypes were successfully tested by users in an assessment environment.
50 Years Of The Laser: In late 2009, I was design manager for an exhibition that celebrated the 50 years of laser at Universeum which is Scandinavia’s largest Science Center. Key responsibilities were the exterior and interior design, planning, material selection, graphic design and the development of each station. The most challenging part was the conversion of 7 experiments, from laboratory set-ups to highly secured stations suited for children. The exhibition was opened for a year and introduced laser to hundreds of thousands of visitors in a mutually informative and experimental way. It was spread over an area of fifty square meter as illustrated below.
Luman: A lamp focusing on a structure for easy assembling that also has its benefits when it comes to minimize size of the package. The light bulb is attached to the power cord that all together serves as a support for the four wooden panels which are mounted by an easy sliding mechanism.
Industrial Salt Cellar: An industrial salt cellar was redesigned to improve difficulties for the user to manage the proper amount of salt in various situations.
Sketching: One of my favorite ways of putting ideas down on paper or even for detailed renderings.
Personal Portfolio Website: I’ve built an online portfolio that is tailored for desktop computers as well as tablets. Thinking of the future, pixels will begin to be a distant memory. As it’s already happening on today’s high-end displays where they’re fading out and are indistinguishable to the human eye, my online portfolio is loading corresponding image sizes to enhance the experience even further when using a high resolution screen. Going through its core, it is based on optimized HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and some PHP, making it super fast. Regarding the design, I wanted to build something that I felt would present my work the way I think. Focusing on proportions and consistency, the web page was formed to make my work visible as when adjusting the spaces between groups of letters to make language readable.
A Story On Efficiency And Effectiveness: Imagine you’re lost in the desert and you only have one bottle of water. Let’s say you drink everything at once, you’ll probably die quite fast compared to if you planned your water consumption in an efficient way. In both cases you’re likely to die anyway but what the second option gives you is more time. More time means higher chances to find an effective solution on how to survive. In this scenario you had a really good planning and managed to find a way on how to convert air humidity to liquid water. You then regulated the level and had a sustainable water consumption.
Other Work

A number of projects that I’ve been working on in recent years, they represent a mixture of student work, individual projects and creations done by my personal design firm that I started in 2010. Note that these are highly summarized and do not include any step or explanation of the design process but more or less they show a glimpse of what I’ve been doing lately.

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Johan Netzler
Industrial Design Engineer Avignon, France