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Iron Man T-shirt design "One Small Step for Iron Man" http://beta.threadless.com/ironman/one-small-step-for-iron-man/ for the Iron Man/Threadless t-shirt challenge. Pencil, ink, digital color. 8.5" x 11". ©2012 John Ashton Golden.
Green Goblin T-shirt design "In Green Pursuit" http://beta.threadless.com/spiderman/in-green-pursuit/ for the Spider-Man/Threadless t-shirt challenge. Pencil, ink, digital color. 11" x 17". ©2012 John Ashton Golden.
Spidey dodges a pumpkin bomb! Live on location at Vigilante Press, Free Comic Book Day 5.5.12. Blue line & ink. ©2012 JAG.
Robin - Robin (Tim Drake) sketch for Free Comic Book Day @Vigilante Press, 5.7.11. Pencil, ink. Marker, colored pencil colors by Andrew Mitchell Kudelka. ©JAG 2011.
Thor - Thor sketch for Free Comic Book Day @Vigilante Press, 5.7.11. Pencil, Ink. ©JAG 2011.
Deadpool vs Hellboy - Pinup for a friend's birthday. Pencil, ink, digital flats. Final colors by Justin Miller; www.laboratory9.com. ©2009, 2010 JAG. Characters ™Marvel, Dark Horse comics.
Doctor Fate - Dr. Fate drawing done on-site during Free Comic Book Day at Vigilante Press, Chicago IL. Pencil, ink, digital flats. Final color by Justin Miller 9.10, www.laboratory9.com. ©2009,2010 JAG. ™DC Comics.
Hellboy - Character study of Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics. Pencil. ©2009, 2001 JAG.
Pokemon! - 11" x 17" Pokemon poster commission. Pencil, ink, digital color. ©2008 JAG.
Justice League - My take on the Justice League. Pencil, ink, digital colors. ©2007, 2010 John Ashton Golden. ™DC Comics
Fantastic Four - My take on the Fantastic Four! Ink, digital color. ™Marvel Comics.
©2006, 2011 John Ashton Golden.
Nightcrawler - Nightcrawler of the X-Men! I whipped this up at the 2007 Wizard World Comic Book Convention. Pencil, ink, marker. Original sold. ©2007, 2011 John Ashton Golden.
Batman - Batman sketch from Wizard World Chicago 2007. ORIGINAL SOLD.Pencil, ink, marker. ™DC Comics. ©2007, 2011 JAG.
Aquaman - A sinewy, surfer-like sketch of Aquaman from the 2007 Wizard World Chicago convention. Pencil, ink, marker. ™DC Comics ORIGINAL SOLD. ©2007, 2011 JAG.
Heroic Mind - This was a student piece; the concept being to create a human head out of other elements. Being the comic book and superhero fan that I am, this made perfect sense. This piece is available FOR SALE, framed and matted professionally with UV glass, and measures approximately 15" x 20" without the frame. Contact me to purchase. Pencil, ink, watercolor, colored pencil on illustration board. ©1999, 2010 JAG.
The Iron Giant - Spot illustration of the Iron Giant for the DVD release. Ink, colored pencil. Client: RIT Reporter Magazine. ©1999, 2011 JAG.
Link - Spot illustration of Link from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" video game. Client: Reporter Magazine. Ink, colored pencil. ©1998, 2011 JAG
Oldie but a goodie...pretty sure I did this in a freshman year foundation drawing class. The whole class was given sections from a larger photograph of ventriloquists and their dummies, and as long as the characters on the outer edges matched up with our neighboring classmates', we had the liberty to change up the subjects however we pleased. I went for the pop culture/nostalgia route. Can you name them all?? Ink, colored pencil on toned paper. ©1997, 2012 John Ashton Golden.
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Superheroes & Pop Culture Pinups
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