Bath & Body Works Tool Set - This project was an exercise in bringing a brand language into an unlikely product category. The assignment is that Bath & Body Works (a retailer with a focus on feminine products representing comfort and luxury) is interested in developing a product line of hand tools. Staying true to the brand, it is important that these tools are not simply hand tools painted pink. The challenge was to create forms that motivate women to purchase and feel confident with a predominantly masculine product?
Bath & Body Works Hand Tools - The outcome is an elegant and sophisticated set of tools that embraces the brand. A tape measure, hammer and level were among the tools felt to be the most practical for do-it-yourself activities around the house. The tools are not unusually miniaturized or covered with butterflies or hearts (like so many others). They are instead respectfully represented as a product that a woman would be proud to use around the house in both form and function.
Bath & Body Works Hand Tools - The tools are packaged, in a great "toolbox", making the set perfect for a gift. It was felt that the overall package exquisitely represented Bath & Body Works current brand language. The package makes the products giftable as well as functional.
Bath & Body Works
John Fenno
Product Designer at Nielsen Bainbridge Group Cincinnati, OH