HIVING HUB - "Create an innovative backyard solar powered product that enhances the Hiving experience." Hiving is the result of human craving for comfort and connection in a group environment. Hiving is the embrace of others in a safe setting a buzz with activity and engagement. Home is an integral part of hiving, yet hiving is not just about home. A hive, in the context of this product, is command central for a more fully engaged and more broadly connected lifestyle.
Hiving Hub. - Extensive research about hiving and the basics of the "flow" involved in social interactions at hiving events was conducted. The sketching out of a few ideas initiated the design process. The first phase of sketching studied the basic solutions involved in entertainment and what brought guests together. Solar powered televisions, power outlets and music players were among the very first ideas. This still left much room for innovation.
Hiving Hub. - The second phase of sketching included elements that were more in tune with what truly brought people together and that also enhanced their hiving experience. Games and other things that helped to enhance and stimulate social interaction are among the concepts represented in this page. Games were also included that served practical purposes at the event.
Hiving Hub. - Clients responded positively to the idea of games that provided socially productive functions. Added to this idea was the desire of guests to carry a hiving controller or identification system throughout the hiving experience. This would allow guests and hosts to interact among themselves with more ease and efficiency.
Hiving Hub. - The Hiving Hub was born. The design allows for bracelets to be displayed during use and stored for weather protection. The transparent LED display placed over the solar panel provides a beautiful visual representation during nighttime hiving interactions. The elegant and versatile design language permits the product to remain outside, collecting solar energy to charge the bracelets and display during the day.
Hiving Hub. - The lights within the bracelet represent the three functions of the armlet. If all the armlets glow red, it is an indication that the situation requires silence, for such things as toasts and emergencies. The yellow illumination represents a change in the hiving event (serving dinner for example). The blue light indicates potential icebreaker moments, igniting conversation and instilling comfort. This feature interacts with the main hub, creating beautiful displays social interaction.
Hiving HUB
John Fenno
Product Designer at Nielsen Bainbridge Group Cincinnati, OH