JEEP. SOLUTION - This project was a lesson in brand language and function. The scope of the project was to design an innovative portable seating system. It was decided that adopting a brand for this project would make for a more dramatic presentation. After determining all the traits of the product, the JEEP brand was selected.
JEEP. SKETCHING - What shape would the form and function of a portable JEEP chair take? It should be the essence of the brand. The seat should be able to go anywhere, sit on any surface and provide simple use and comfort for the user. The design language is rugged with exterior hardware and geometric shapes while taking on a fairly utilitarian appearance.
JEEP. SOLUTION - The outcome is pure JEEP brand. Hinged legs permit the chair to articulate to a level position on any surface. The chair is easily assembled from a compact shell. No surface or terrain is any match for its broad, tire tread footprint. The product is perfect for camping in the woods or tailgating at a football game.
JEEP stool
John Fenno
Product Designer at Nielsen Bainbridge Group Cincinnati, OH