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Little Whale: From Sketch to Final Visual - Zoom in for detail...

Some key sketches showing development of concept. Exploded assembly featuring internal components. Final Visual in context.
Speaker Ideation
Key Development Sketches - User interaction brainstorming, conceptualisation of tripod, electrical connections, etc.
3D development
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Little Whale

Zoomorphs - the development of a product which has animal-like characteristics.

The product takes inspiration from a whale...

Comments (6)
  • I like your sketches

    7 years ago

  • Thanks Greg

    9 years ago

  • Great composition!

    9 years ago

  • Final renderings are taking days and days to render! I'll have them up soon

    9 years ago

  • 3D Cad delevopment of this ideation: http://www.coroflot.com/johnmcgowan/iphone-dock/4

    9 years ago

John McGowan
Head of Industrial Design at Yvolve Sports Ltd. - B.Sc.... Dublin, Ireland