George Burns - Model of George Burns head taken only from reference photos
DW Drum Kit Modeled to specs
Dean ML modeled to specs
Modeled in one day
Eggy the Crackhead!!!
I really like guitars.
The black and red look mean.
I always do orange and blue...That wasn't supposed to rhyme, sorry.
New Bike Design
New Bike in Red
Final 3d Model for Milton the Pigeon
Vick's General Store
Vick's General Store
Big Wheel for Big Kids
Robot In Locker - Yet another addition to my Robot motif.
Jack in the Box Model Homework - Me likes.
Jack in the Box Model. - This is to prove that I at least did it.
Model of Toy Car
Just wanted to
Model of Motorcycle, just felt like designing one - These are some more examples of modeling and graphic design.
John Tucker Lee
Graphic Designer - 3d Designer - Skilled Technician Dallas, TX