In-lock Was my university major project which derived from an original brief of a mountain bike alarm for use while camping.

The main aim of In-Lock is to give extra security at outdoor events or areas by fixing motorbikes or mountain bikes to the ground more securely in an attempt to deter theft.

Once In-Lock is used in conjunction with a chain lock the device cannot me turned to be unscrewed from the ground.
Lego Racer Model - This Lego model is a Solidworks model of a toy car produced by Lego. For and annimation brief I had to complete for my 2nd year of university, a Lego model had to be used within the annimation. I purchased this model and built every part exactly in Solidworks. I decided this was a good way to show my knowledge of solidworks and 3D Studio Max which i used to render the Lego Racer.
Product Design
John Wrightson
Design Development Manager - Retail Leeds, United Kingdom