Greenwich Wall Mural
Greenwich restroom Mural
Greenwich Informative reLay-out
Undurraga Tai Loc Wine Packaging design
Undurraga Wine Packaging design
Jollibee Vietnam Ice Craze booth design
Greenwich menu Booth perspective
Jollibee JED Flyer re-Layout
Jollibee Kids Flyer reLay-out
Jolli Zerts Vietnam Standee design
Vietnam Jollibee Magazine Ad Design
Red Ribbon Print Ad reDesign
SM North CyberZone-May Poster design
Sta Lucia Mall Toy Fair Poster design
Vietnam Nike Magazine Ad Design - This is NIke Vietnam and i was asked to Enhanced the design for a print ad in Vietnam.
Front Packaging design
Back Packaging design
Wally-Tech Packaging design E - This are my original design packaging...
Protect your loved one this Christmas - My idea was to interpret the heading " Protect your loved one this Christmas"... I came up with a thief concept, covered his mouth & nose and wearing a Santa Hat as if he's also celebrating Christmas. Also a image of a handle of a bike as if he is now ready to steal the bike "from a Victim". i added some Christmas motif to create a that feel. Graphic award Design revised
Anz Banking Vietnam Print Ad Digital Imaging
Samsung Vietnam Print Ad Digital Imaging
Samsung Vietnam Print Ad2 Digital Imaging
Samsung Vietnam Print Ad3 Digital Imaging
Samsung Vietnam Print Ad Digital4 Imaging
Samsung Print Ad
Greenwich Mural Digital Imaging
Jollibee SUNDAE DELIGHTS POSTER - Utilizing my skills in Photo enhancement, Lay-outing, and Color correction.
Greenwich menuboard
Digital Enhancement for HSBC Vietnam
Angus Chuck Burger Poster design - This is my entry for The Poster design contest for Awesome Burger. Contest cancelled. Prize distributed.
Rock this Christmas invitation banner design 2010.
Rock this Christmas option2
Berserk Elves Splash Screen Design
Berserk Elves Sprite Character Design
Berserk Elves Token
Berserk Elves Icon
The Game
Preview at iphone
Holiday E-Card for - This is my entry to Holiday E-card. i Used funny Characters and the concept of cartoons at the North pole to attract viewers. Toincorporate a global idea, i came with the North pole where santa lives and an elf just got a job and his proud of it. Pls give some feedback at my discussion panel of 99designs... Cheers!
Jollibee Salu-salo packs_FA
Jollibee Kids Meal poster_FA
Jollibee Kids Meal Justice League merch_FA
Greenwich menuboad translite_FA 2007
Jollibee Kids Meal Justice League merch_FA
JollyKids Party flyer_FA
Jollibee Ice Craze_FA & reLAy-out
Jollibee Kids Meal merch_FA
Plant Buddies Card design - This is my project from US and i did the design & final artwork here in manila.'s Business Card's Envelope Design's Envelope Design's Envelope Design2's Business Design's "The Door" - This is my work for for their Business card design.
Magazine Ad for FL Apartment Community
Front Brochure Design for - This is a project i did from mexico last february. It' offers digital display ad and i created some copywriting.
Brochure Design inside page for - This is my creation of the inside page of the brocure that they approve. Simple yet effective marketing material.
Print ad design for
Print Ad design 2 for - This is the 2nd design i did for a print ad.
Kids Flyer Design - This is a Hand-out brochure of a fastfood company here in Manila and i did this design last january.
Flyer Design for Greenwich - This is a die-cut/lay-out design i did last 2 years ago for a Pizza chain here in manila.
Promo discount ticket design for DeliFrance - This is a marketing design i did for DeliFrance bread. A high end food chain so i did a minimal design to it.
Japanese fastfood Flyer design - I did this last 2 years ago for Kitaro sushi. A fastfood here in manila.
Japanese Fastfood banner Design
Dermstrata promo ticket design
DeliFrance Banner design
Christmas marketing design
Christmas marketing design 2 - This is a design for all marketing materials of DeliFrance for Christmas last 2 yrs ago.
DeliFrance Banner design for a new Product - This design is a new product campaign for DeliFrance.
Menuboard for a bread chain
Banner design for a bread chain
Blooming Colors Rack Card design - Hi King826420, Here is y proposed design for Blooming Color rack card design. I make it a point that the design for the rack card has the looks of the website, so that it may have a branding. A very Unique and attractive rack card design using simple elements but Catchy to the eyes of the consumers.
Proposed design for Icebox jewelry Billboard - This is my work that i'll send a while ago but i didn't beat the deadline for it. I can't even downloaded the provided jewelry so what happened is that i created a simulated jewelry ring. I designed a logolized heading and created a catchy one that says "Engagement Ring Getaway". Hope for your response at my message box that i've sent you. regards, jolyos mabs
Markis Logistics Business Card1 - Hi Luis, Here is the flip lay-out for the truck. Kindly message me for any feedback at 99design Discussion panel. Thanks.
Markis Logistics Project design - Here i made the bars into a blue color using the Blue Markis logotype for all the Marketing materials. I made the background of the brochure white fading grey as well as the corporate folder, White fading grey to the center for the flap.
Markis Logistics Business Card - Here i made the bars into blue and add Highlight below the card lay-out. For your Approval pls... Thanks.
Graphic award design
Designs and Digital Imaging

My Graphic Designs and Digital Imaging works since 2006. See to appreciate. Thanks.

Julius Jolyos Mabini
Freelance Senior Graphic Designer and Digital Imaging Artist Manila, Philippines