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Embedding a 40x20 image using lossless mathematical tricks (qrpixel.com).
Pencil redrawing.
PhotoShop adjustments.
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Hacking Remediation (2012)

The job of QR codes is to cross the bridge that spans from digital back to digital via the error-prone and imperfect domain of visual/optical.

When the QR code is out on the bridge, it is protected only by its error-correcting Reed-Solomon codes against interventions by visual/optical/physical adversaries. It turns out to be surprisingly resilient to this hostile and threatening environment.

A quick inspirational experiment in remediation, made for the Medea Connectivity Lab Live event in December 2012. Thanks to Job Van Der Zwan for pointing me in the right direction.

Category: Digital art.

Jonas Löwgren
Professor Eksjö, Sweden