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Logo Variations/Exporation
Teaser posters
Public Transit Teaser Poster
UX/UI App and Interface Design
PR Event Poster
Event Bracelet
Logos/Design Elements for Wearable Accessories
Event Giveaway T-Shirt
Event Tote Bag
Event Giveaway Tote Bag
Event Identity System - DOLBY x SXSW 2013

DOLBY x SXSW 2013 – a project collaborated by musician, film makers and gamers, Dolby has been participated in SXSW for past five years. Developed a look and feel to attract attendees from age 18 to 35, I have created a proposed identity system to fit that age bracket using. Pieces include logo development, tablet and mobile app/interface design, teaser and event posters, VIP bracelet, and other wearable accessories.

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Jonathan Kong
Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director San Francisco, CA