Logo art work for litton logs enhancing the company's image. Across the logo is a chainsaw blade. incidentally the logo sparked a lot of interaction with potential customers as they did not know what the blade was.
Litton Logs Bespoke timber bed - lining up the frame with the automatic processor
A re claimed car lift was adapted to be made into the main bed, then reinforced.
Reinforcing struts allowed a greater capacity onto the timber bed. Greater capacity = less trips to the log pile to re fill = great efficiency Less trips to the log pile = more workers in the production area = greater safety
Roller bed - Reclaimed rollers adapted for logging frame, heavily reinforced with high strength shelving systems
The log Bed's Trial Run
Our automatic wood processor. Hydraulically powered, the wood processor required a high level of maintenance and understanding of the equipment.
The roller bed offers up the logs to the conveyor on the processor.
Pictured here is the previous 'off the shelf' timber bed. Managing a team of six in a fast paced noisy environment with a high risk factor was demanding. Depite the small work bed which always put pressure on us due to on member constantly collecting the wood, the team always had a great work ethic and understood the importance of communication and safety.
Extra unforssen advantages of the log bed: Higher operating level, relieving strain put under the operator's back. Easier to clean the equipment Easier to maintain the equipment More space to work in and move around.
Chainsaw maintenance was a twice daily procedure in order to keep the efficiency of production.
Litton Logs - Production manager

I have been a partner and Production Manager since 2001. Highly experienced with every process throughout Litton Logs including; customer interaction, website design (www.littonlogs.co.uk), and introduction of productivity improvements > 35% in 2010 through design and fabrication of bespoke firewood processing machinery. H&S was also improved.

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Jonathan Otter
Multidisciplinary Innovator / Founder and Director of NHMD Ltd Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom