Visual Addition used to present to clients as to what their V-strom would look like with the belly pan.
Dark render of the sheet metal belly pan. Using Solidworks 2010.
The custom in ear head phones are designed to fit onto industry standard headphone 'joints' usually used with rubber pieces. The custom mouldings allowed for much greater comfort and background noise reduction as well as a snug fit within the helmet for the user.
Fitting the prototype belly pan on a V-strom in 40 degree heat!.
Customer relations, voluntarily fixing the Shock absorber of an aprillia belonging to a customer. Hands on experience.
Placement - Pegaz - Serbia

Belly pan for Vstrom 650.
Custom ear pieces for standard headphones so they can be used whilst wearing a helmet.
Reconstruction of Aprillia Rear Shock absorber in plus 45 degrees!

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Jonathan Otter
Multidisciplinary Innovator / Founder and Director of NHMD Ltd Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom