Super Duty Big Hook Crane

Today in North America most train wrecks are cleared up by high rail crane equipment and pipe laying side mounted boom crawler cranes. These types of equipment are far more mobile to the job site and at the job site than the long out of production 250 ton capacity rail cranes in North America.

But I like rail cranes... So here is my 1200 HP 350 ton capacity rail crane. It still is not as mobile as the high rail cranes or side mounted boom crawler cranes. But it has a far greater lifting capacity and can lift any locomotive or rail car in service in North America today. Also with its longer reach then older wreck cranes, this high capacity crane could be used a lot more for bridge repair/replacement in remote areas.

Its self propelled using traction motors and can pull a small work train to speeds of about 50 MPH. This makes it more self contained then the older large wreck cranes with mechanical drive that could only go about 5 MPH at top speed.

Jon Pope
Industrial Designer Natick, MA