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Opus Competition 1 - Opus Eyewear 2007 contest entry
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ET foundation 3rd place winning entry Poster 1 - The design of this buffet side table was designed to be easy to clean, ergonomic to the user, recyclable, easy to manufacture and assemble. The use of aluminum is appropriate because of its smooth surface, modern aesthetics, light weight, and reusable/recyclable qualities. By folding in the tray, the buffet itself becomes easy to store and less cumbersome to walk around.
ET foundation 3rd place winning entry Poster 2 - The shape, while sleek and modern in design, allows for the user's hand to easily push a tray along without hitting their knuckles on the table. The process of an aluminum extrusion allows the manufacturer provide a variety of lengths for many different environments - health facilities, business offices, schools, ect. The smooth properties of aluminum make it easy to maintain a high level of cleanliness. In areas such as schools and hospitals, keeping an area germ-free is extremely important.
Addison Bridge Faucet - Bridge faucet designed for the Delta Addison collection, design patent US D601,664 S
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Jordan Bailey
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