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Comic homage to Jerry Andrus appearing in Skeptical Inquirer magazine (winter 2016).
Enter YIneractive comic appearing in Magic Magazine #301 (2016). Free printable download available at: https://quirkologyblog.wordpress.com/free-downloads/our Description Here
Quirky Goat Illusion. Free download and instructions here: https://quirkologyblog.wordpress.com/free-downloads/
Quirkology YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fpc9ZcZ5lM
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Prop illustrations for Professor Richard Wiseman's Quirkology magic/illusion box set (instruction booklet and box exterior). Art direction and box set production by Marvin's Magic (2016).
Exterior (back) box design produced by Marvin's Magic (2016).
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Series of comics and other material done in collaboration with Professor Richard Wiseman (2016 - present).

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Jordan Collver
comic art / illustration / science Bristol, United Kingdom