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FutureDash Energybuddy the small, easy-to-use and stylish gadget helps monitor and manage in-home electricity usage. It make electricity consumption visible and puts customers back in control of their utility bill. The core of the FutureDash EnergyBuddy is a small, low-cost and easy-to-use stylish gateway that connects to your home network. It allows you to both monitor your home energy usage and control smart plugs and appliances in your home via your computers, smartphones and tablets. All this is from a neat little gateway box less than 4" square! With unigue glowing 'red, yellow, green' translucent top, Energybuddy tells you at a glance whether your consumption is over or under-budget.
iPhone Case Design
I designed this 2-pieced case for carrying iPhone in the front enclosure and an extra pocket in back for iPhone accessories or wallets. The design involves with conception, detailing and mechanical engineering for side-action molding on the main body part for the case.
Vial Holder - A clean and fusion style is bestowed on this vial holder with the aim to reduce the part count to only one. The holder is inject-molded in one single part. Overcap for pump can be broken away before front and back covers are folded and snapped together to hold the vial. The loop above the pump overcap can provide not only the protection from accidental pumping but also a hole for being clipped onto a key chain, carabiner hook, etc.
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MyDTV - portable HDTV - MyDTV for NeoVideo is a portable personal HDTV with a built-in digital antenna and a memory card slot. It is also controllable by remote. The requirements by NeoVideo include the unit can be stand alone on a flat surface for watching video and the enclosure must be compact and fit comfortably into a user's palm. I managed to add elegant curve-linear surface and thus to transcend MyDTV image into a high-end forward-looking one while ensuring the handheld area fit the contour of a user's hands.
Smartphone case/bracket for bicycle mount
The smartphone case mounts on the bracket with 4-way bayonet locks. The case is detachable from the mounting bracket by rotating the case 90 degrees. The bracket will be installed on the handle bar of a bicycle. In this design solution I combines mechanical and aesthetic details to provide the utility to secure smartphone in its case and then case on the mounting bracket.
Vxis Video Converter - This Video Converter is designed for VXIS tech. Client requests a larger volume inside the product housing to accommodate more components for the advanced version of their converters. The ventilation slots are concealed under the cover to glorify the flying squirrel metaphor instilled in this design. I managed to add the internal volume under the spread flying squirrel-like top cover and pay attention to the stackability and interface on the acrylic front panel.

Vxis Video Converter - The housing of the VXIS Video Converter is an Aluminum case which performs better in heat dissipation and electromagnetic interference shielding. It is then sandwiched by clear polycarbonate top and bottom covers. By utilizing such material, the beauty
of the refracted lights and housing structures inside the clear cover and base are revealed. The high-end audio-video product image as well as trendy Techno-style form language are exemplified and thus celebrated.
DocProcessor - 1995 IDEA Award-winning design - A document processor emulates the paper flow through the all-in-one printers on its document inputs and paper output trays. It anchors on a cable management module, which allow the document processor to connect with other desktop IT products.
TransMedia - an integrated desktop work tool system - Transmedia is a work surface with harmonious hybrid of the old and new media. Transmedia system includes a flat touch screen, cable managing modules, a mobile telephone, a CD reader, a video camera, a stylus, a document processor, and speakers. An all-in-1 document processor for copying, faxing, scanning, and printing, streamlines image processing involving digital and paper media. A string of cable managing modules forms desktop supporting structure, integrating work tools for various media.
Multiport Network Bridge - Network Equipment Design - Network Bridge Access Server.
(U.S. Patent No.: D370470, 1995) This design is the end result of our design team of an industrial designer (me) and a mechanical designer. We worked together to solve the EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and production issue. We aimed at delivering a network product with a clean and neat appearance to convey the sense of high-techie.
DigiCam - Universal design: a digital compact camera for both right- and left-handed users. The LCD display/storage unit is detachable from camera body, which can serve as a remote control. The angle of the LCD dislay/storage unit when attached to the body is adjustable to accomondate both right- and left- handed users.
Versa Kitchen - Sponsored by KitchenAid, this project probed into the changing face of kitchen landscape in America due to the demographic changes in age, family, and ethnical groups. This universal kitchen is designed to accommodate culturally diversified people. Main concept of multi-cultural kitchen is derived from the symbiosis of water and fire in the kitchen.
Versa Kitchen - Main concept of multicultural kitchen is derived from the symbiosis of water and fire in the kitchen. These two elements, though hostile to each other in the nature, are put to work together for preparing and cooking meals in the kitchen. (Water and fire works!) In this design there is a sink and a work surface for tasks related to water on one side. On the other side, a cooking area equipped with a stove, a range, and a microwave - the wares that are related to fire or heat - are also included.
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