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Vial Holder - This diagram illustrates DFA (Design for Assembly) details inside the vial holder design. Basically, it is a one-piece clam-shell like injection-molded part in which 3 individual components – cap, back cover and front cover – are connected together. The vial will first be anchored in the receiver formed by back cover and cap, and then the cap can be broken away from the connectors to the back cover. Finally, the front cover swing back 180 degree to snap into the back cover and to secure the vial
Eau De Parfum Rollerball
This rollerball fragrance is designed for the glamour girl on-the-go - Roll on skin to pulse points for a
swipe of instant sexy scent and recap with the glamorous cap. I tweaked bow design from 3D-scanned
CAD model in Geomagic Freeform Plus to make it moldable and combined it in Solidworks with
rollerball’s overcap. Then I added the mechanical, structural and packaging details to the cap that can
seal the rollerball on the bottle.
Avon Haiku cap design - A new cap design inspired by the roof profile of the oriental house. (Haiku means poem in Japanese) The design was started first with constructing the contour of the roof and followed by smoothing the transition of surface continuity. Working with the mold making vendors, I finalized the details on deciding the parting lines, gating and support ribs
Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses

I helped Ed Hardy in 2012 develop and launch Skulls & Roses, a new masculine and feminine fragrance duo inspired by best known symbol of Ed Hardy’s brand - skull & rose tattoo design. This unforgettable fragrance comes in a distinctive black or white skull bottle with a red rose - Skulls & Roses for Her or Skulls & Roses for Him.
A skull 3D surface model was painstakingly stitched together and converted into a water-tight solid model with a split for overcap and bottle. The scale of the model is thoughtfully calculated to ensure there is a precise internal volume in the bottle portion for fragrance. Surfacing modeling techniques are heavily employed to achieve the desired snap-in details between inner and outer caps. The geometry under the cap conforms to the step and ramp on neck area of the bottle, and thus the cap can be easily aligned with bottle when capped. Likewise, the cap can be removed by screwing it up against the ramp on the bottle’s neck.
Perfume Vial Holder - This is a sustainable concept design made for a Clinique's perfume vial. There is a tube-like vial available at Clinique needs to be packaged, and thus when a customer uses up the perfume she can replace the vial by removing the cap and loading the new vial in the holder
Twist-up perfume spray - Getting the inspiration from the functioning of a lipstick housing, I designed an internal structure for perfume spray to make it work like the lipstick. With the innovative twist-up mechanism, the perfume spray bottle can be pushed up by twisting the collar on top of the housing body. And reversely, the spray bottle can be pushed down by twist the collar in the other direction.
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