The pencils are made from cedar wood. The branding is made by laser engraving. The tip of the pencil is dipped in the according color. The stencils are made by laser cutting of spring steel plates. We used the original Hoffmann tin pencil boxes. The Chanel pencils are perfumed with Chanel n5
I worked on a range of emotional colors that could be associated to our grown-up dreams and desires, which are more and more related to objects of desire. With DRAW YOUR DREAMS users are able to draw their objects of desire as they once did as children. DRAW YOUR DREAMS gives users the chance to rediscover the ritual of drawing and get emotionally associated to the drawing appearing on the paper.
This project was made at ECAL by Jose Ferrufino for Caran d’Ache (Swiss pencil maker since 1915) as a diploma project. As children we used them to communicate every idea, fantasy or dream that came to mind. They were simple drawings: contour and filling. As we grow up, we forget that coloring pencils use to be part of our everyday lives as children. Coloring pencils get replaced by other writing or drawing instruments. But what happened to our dreams and fantasies?
Draw your dreams for Caran d Ache done at ECAL by Jose Ferrufino
Freelance, Full-time
Jose Ferrufino
Industrial Designer New York, NY