final product - This is how the music box works: The motor gives movement to the cylinder. The pins on the cylinder hit the blades of the keyboard. It is this action that creates the melody. The music box SLIGHTLY WINDY uses this movement to animate the barley. It translates the lightness of nature being lulled by wind and music.
final product
final product - Since the power generated by the motor is just enough to create the rotation of the cylinder; one of the challenges of this project was to enable the barley to move without creating a resistance that could slow or stop the motor. - The mechanism parts are made of brass. It has a gold look-a-like effect and good machining properties. The resonance case is made out of peach tree wood known for its musical properties. It is used for musical instruments because of its resonance. Real barley painted in gold is used at the tip of the brass tubes.
first prototype
first prototype 01 - This was a project done at ÉCAL for Reuge in collaboration with the Campana brothers. Before visiting the Reuge manufactury, I had never seen nor heard an authentic 144 blade music box. I was moved by the beauty and the finesse of the mechanism creating the mouvement and the melody. It takes us to a wolrd of lignthness and gentleness. I had to find a way to transpose and intensify this emotion into the new music box.
first prototype
Slightly Windy for Reuge done at ECAL by Jose Ferrufino
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Jose Ferrufino
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