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Griffin WatchStand

Much as with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, the advent of the Apple Watch represented an exciting opportunity for innovation at Griffin. As we watched the product reveal along with the rest of the world, it became apparent through admission and omission that no matter how much magic this wearable promised, it would almost certainly require nightly charging.
We felt that we could vastly improve on the user experience presented by the inductive charging puck that Apple included.

The tug-of-war between retailer’s desire to have our products available at launch day and Apple’s characteristic reluctance to release early data made this product particularly challenging to execute. Our team was elated upon release of the watch to find that everything fit beautifully. Griffin’s two models of WatchStand have exceeded forecasts by a wide margin and have received nearly universal praise from both consumers and editorials.

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Brian Joseph
Product Design and Development Nashville, TN