Solar Plant - Prototype of a Solar-tracking solar panel that is intended to be one cell of a larger array. Designed for mobile platforms in which 360 degree solar tracking is necessary. Uses Muscle wires and light sensors to "bend" the panel towards the sun. Covered by a lexan shell, (not pictured).
SolarPlant Panel
Twisted Steel Torc Necklace
Steel Torc Necklace - 1/4 inch square stock, soft steel, twisted and shaped, polished and buffed.
Angle Puzzle Orthographic
Rune card deck detail - Print media, laminated rune cards, History of the rune on the back of each card.
Rune Card Deck - Print media Rune card deck detailing the history of the Norse Runes.
Industrial Design
Josh Greenwalt
Product Design and Manufacturing Consultant San Francisco, CA