Origami Stool - Corrugated cardboard, single layer, Hollow, strength comes from the use of triangles and origami techniques. No structural glue used.
Origami Stool Sitting
Origami Stool Flat - Stool made from one single sheet of single-layer corrugated cardboard. 28 Inches high, 18" across, holds 250 lbs. No structural glue used.
Origami Stool Open - Origami Stool opened at top, Tabs fold down into the comfortable flower-shape.
Origami Stool Side
Origami Stool Top detail
Origami Stool Bottom - Origami stool made from corrugated cardboard, no structural glue used. Holds over 250lbs.
Origami Stool
Josh Greenwalt
Product Design and Manufacturing Consultant San Francisco, CA