LG Enterprise Research - Users of electronic devices want to feel like they are in control of the device and not the other way around. If it is too confusing to use they will not buy into the idea and simply will not use it. Providing a sense of control gives the user an edge of confidence in using the device, increasing the enjoyment of such usage. There is nothing that gives a user more control than simply being able to operate it by vocal commands.
LG Enterprise Ideation - People tend to operate cell phones with a single hand, but if it were controlled by voice commands, both hands would be free to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. Standard cell phone screens are small, often making viewing texts and web images difficult. A flexible OLED screen that hides in the body of the phone allows for ease of viewing. Ultimately, providing ease of use and increased sense of control provides a greater satisfaction with the product.
LG Enterprise - Meet 22 yr old Julia Shin who is nearing the end of her education. She is constantly on the move transitioning from one mobile device to the next. She desires something more universal. Enterprise has a pull out OLED screen which she uses with patients at work. Voice recognition enables Julia to enjoy functions like calling and TXT without having to use the touch screen. Julia always needs a place to set up her laptop to work. The docking station and OLED screen help her accomplish all her goals.
LG Cell phone
Josh Kistner
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