GlobalWorks - The Grid: A reminder of the structural integrity and precision these architects are required to wield to successfully articulate tensile structures. Harmony: Technology and awareness to employ new approaches like the image 'wheel' or the vertical typography. The feeling that everything fits, that everything is a mathematical ratio to everything else. Anchored: The page is Bottom Justified and will autoScroll to bottom of window height and overpower a user trying to adjust the slider height.
concept for NitroGroup - Interactive Art Direction
zipperhedz 2000 (Health Canada)
Digital Products

Digital products are apps, websites, microsite and games. They are inspired by established brand identity and the process starts with an original concept, visual language, typography and layout, color palette, and special consideration for video, sound and motion.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Joshua Elkin
Creative Director, Art & Story, UI/UX Design Specialist Los Angeles, CA