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WARning Thesis - My senior thesis was "warning about the consequences of war through graphic design."
* 18 x 24 inch Poster
*Publication "WARning"
*Toy-soldier "give-aways" (for the public to take at exhibit) which state on tags: "Graphic design can warn about the consequences of war through typography, bold symbolic images, color, and scale."

Role in publication: Designer, photographer, writer (of 50 page publication)

Blondie Box Set - Packaging Design
Designed Box Set for 1980's Punk-Rock/Disco band Blondie.
The name of the Box Set is "Primary". Blondie was the primary (first) group to combine rock/rap and rock/disco songs. Accordingly chose the "primary" colors (of the color wheel) red, blue and yellow to represent the overall theme.
Design Museum of Milan products - Environmental Design
*Selected pieces from fictional "Design Museum of Milan" branding.
*(Above) Logo, stationary letterhead, men and women's T-shirts, and spread from museum shop catalog.
"NO CHOICE-Know the Facts" - Abortion Rights Poster
Poster to be displayed at bus stops.
Typography portrays women that have no choice, have no rights.
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