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inside the shop... - Check the shoes, not the walls...
First is a Running shoe (with a real running shoe tooling, no fake EVA made of TPU like any other italian shoes...), upper all precious skin...bit expensive if I remember...
my favourite of the shop.. - Vamp+toe cap made out of Crocodile(black),ostridge's leg (red) and snake(natural )
Gucci sneaker with a print fadding on it...yeah! - Well, as said on title, their s a fadding print (actually made by hand...!) on the leather, and, well, that s about it.
But it aint look bad....
Gold "bling-bling" shoe... - I had to do some Gold/shinny/bling shoes, they are Gucci's....! (well, and this one isnt that bad...: you get an "limited edition" embroidery inside the velcro strap....!
Green/red "gucci" sneaker - After seeing hundreds of Nikes with gucci colors, making their shoe look like "luxury" with fake precious skins...I thought we could do a real one (real gucci green, real gucci red and of course real snake....for a real price of....)
Mister Jean (as is my name) with my shoes... - Talking only about the shoes...the experts (and I guess also the non-experts) will realize where I got the inspiration from....
Boat kind of shoe...for DJ mark Ronson... - Well....officially he designed it, and I m Ok with that!His shoe! His colorway (actually, that is really his colorway!) But he cool....lay down guy, easy to work with, no big VIp full of shit....
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Gucci Icon-temporary store NY
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Jean-Philippe Hurillon
design director Paris, France