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Inside of automated dog door with trim and sensor
Dog door motor with bracket was made from an old 12V electric car window motor.
Pulley drilled out for cord that connects to door.
Frame and electronics for automated dog door.
Control box for dog door.
Drilled hole to pull wires into box.
Outside view of how I installed the dog door in the wall with ease.
Inside door cut out before I put trim around dog door.
The door was initially made of wood but would swell when it rained outside :( and was not flat. This caused the door to get stuck going down and the wife wasn't happy when we have an infestation of flies in our house... So I then decided to glue 2 pieces of 3/8" polycarbonate together to ensure flatness and straightness and door has worked great ever since!
Eyelet was predrilled and screwed in to polycarbonate.
Glue used to glue the 2 pieces together. Besure to sand/rough up surface before applying glue to maximize adhesion between the 2 plates.
I had to sand the surface of the lexan before I painted it to ensure adhesion.
Rusty using dog door at his leisure.
Outside is finally buttoned back up and trim put in place. I made sure to use all PVC based materials on the outside so that they will last forever and not have to worry about dry rot. (NOTICE THE DAMAGE TO THE SCREEN WINDOW TO THE LEFT FROM HIS CLAWS WANTING TO BE LET BACK IN)
Automated Dog Door

I got tired of opening and closing the door every time the dog wanted to be let in/out so I automated the task and gave him his own door!

JonPaul Laskis
Mechanical Machine Designer Simpsonville, SC