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Solidworks model of the feeder.
After every feeding RustyBot 1.0 sends me an email with the time and how much food the feeder dropped in the bowl.
Home made contactless sensor that lets me know when the food container is empty.
Scale sensor that measures how much food is dispensed.
Close up of pump the pumps the old dirty water to the garbage disposal and the fill valve use to fill with fresh water.
Funnel used to guide food into the bowl.
Din rail with terminals and main power shut off. Also to the right is the brains of the feeder, a Particle Photon.
App interface
Dog Food/Water Feeder (RustyBot1.0)

This project was done to automate my everyday task of feeding the dog (twice a day). The feeder is set to a routine schedule of feeding the dog once in the morning and once in the evening. The machine can be halted or forced to feed him at my command. Fresh water is dispensed prior to each feeding and goes through a cleaning cycle at night where it is drained at night to prevent scum build up in the bowl. After feeding it will email me the time he received his last meal and how much food was dispensed.

JonPaul Laskis
Mechanical Machine Designer Simpsonville, SC