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HELLSPAWN I . 001 - Designed and fabricated by myself for a Hellspawn Action Figure. At this point me and a couple of the guys in the shop were trying to see how far we could take a model by using as few materials as possible. I chose a high impact blue Ren Shape. It wasn't easy but it was a great challenge and a lot of fun!
SPAWN Series 26: The Art of Spawn - My task was to create a realistic representation of weapons that appeared on a Spawn #7 comic cover. Artistic freedom was given to me with anything not visible on the cover.
Skorpion and Uzi - Both accessories were fabricated from existing weapon designs.
The Skorpion 9mm was fabricated to accompany a playset featuring NEO from the film: The Matrix.
The Uzi 9mm with suppressor was fabricated as an accessory for the Al Simmons figure in Spawn Series 23.
A.P.U. from The Matrix series:2 - Fabrication by 3 artists including myself. My key points of interest were the apparatus, and arms.
T-X TERMINATRIX - This figure was fabricated by two artists including myself. My key points of interest were the detailing of all pieces and design of articulation. Some pieces originated from wax printouts and were reworked to match final robot designs by myself.

2nd Fabricator credit: Michael Gulen
JACK THE RIPPER - My task was to design and build a base that represented old London during the time of Jack The Ripper. Accessories were designed and fabricated in part by Braford Haskins with final prep and clean-up by myself as well ;p.
Sabbaticus Stool - Last minute addition to a completed figure. Used an old stool lying around the shop as my reference.
LION From The Twisted Land of Oz - My task was to design and fabricate different forms of torture elements to accompany this battle torn soldier. I chose a bear trap and different types of weaponry. All weaponry was combined from diferent era's and cultures.

Tip: Spot puddy is a great way to mimick rust!
Al Simmons (Hunting Knife) - This is to show an example of scale. The larger weapon is an existing knife used by Special Forces. It seemed appropriate that the Al Simmons "Zombie" have an authentic knife to accompany his arsenal.
Trinity/Jimmy/Predator - Trinity's Uzi (casting shown) was fabricated from the existing Micro Uzi she used in the film.
The microphone and stand that accompanied the Jimmy Hendrix and Elvis Presley figures. Was fabricated from existing equipment.
The Predator's damaged forearm was a last minute addition. I used a 5min. set epoxy puddy to sculpt the wounded detail onto a resin casting.
SERENITY (Reaver) - These helmets were all fabricated from production designs.

Sculpture and Paint by: Frank Ippolito
Computer Designs/Layouts - All works were designed by myself. The companies mentioned in these layouts are non-existant. I created these in my spare time to show my computer design and layout abilities.
Jeff Riffo
Riffo's Career Thus Far... Greater Boston Area, MA