Fosters Twist Spiral Stacker Display - Fosters Twist Stacking 6 or 10 Bottle Display.
Three vacuum formed tiers, with bottle locators.
Four digitally printed, die-cut polypropylene panels.
Totally collapsable for ease of storage and delivery.
Coca-Cola Fourfold Folding Glass Carrier. - Collect a tray from the bar when you order your drinks. Return to your friends with all four glasses. Fold up the tray and put it in your pocket until the next round.
Material: Injection moulded Polypropylene, printed one colour to one side.
Fourfold Folding Shot Glass Carrier. - Extension to the work done on the Fourfold Glass Carrier with tool modifications
to allow for alternative glass size and location.
Material: Injection moulded Polypropylene.
Strongbow Sirrus Square Ice Bucket, Ice Trough and Ice Scoop. - Injection moulded Polystyrene Bucket, screen printed two colours to four positions.
Injection moulded Polystyrene Trough, screen printed three colours to two positions.
Aluminium Ice Scoop printed one colour to one position.
Smirnoff Black Copper Ice Bucket, Waiters tray and Shaker can. - Full set produced in highly polished stainless steel with a copper plate to the Bucket outer, Waiters tray inner and Shaker can outer.
Printed one colour to various positions.
Constellation Wines Footsteps Promotional Magboard. - Designed to be used in pubs and bars, highlights brand name and allows for a rotation of wine selection and pricing. The rear face doubles as a blackboard.
Powder coated Stainless Steel panel, foamex formed base and printed magnetic strips.
Quad magazine Promotional Logo. - Generation of a promotional logo for a monthly magazine for ATV enthusiasts.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Single piece product packaging - Ro1573. - A development of concept work for replacing multiple element product packaging with a single piece design.
Polypropylene sheet, printed, die-cut and folded into shape.
Oak Tree Property. - Generation and supply of artwork to meet clients expectations.
Squid; Intelligent Anti-theft Communications. - Sketch and development work for a vehicle and remote property security device using GSM technology and DNA trace.
Jon Palmer
The Dicker, United Kingdom