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Ultimatum 2048

Ultimatum 2048 is a fishing sailboat which aims to make customers sensible to the extinction of fishing resources in 2048.
In fact, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) predicts a collapse of the fish population
caused by a mindless consummation and over-fishing. Between 1950 and 2010, the worldwide number of fish decreased
about 90 %.
Ultimatum 2048 proposes four sorts of fish that are not yet threatened. These fish are going to be caught only if ordered at the harbour. For revaluing good old fashioned knowledge and a
quality product, the fish will be caught by hand with a fishing line and will only be sold as whole. The stock of fish on the
boat will be limited on forty boxes equals 600 kg.
Ultimatum 2048 is first of all a symbol that aims to wake up conscience. It revives the characteristic shape of the old
pilot- boats that were used for fishing in the 19th century; period before the “Industrial revolution” that caused the

Julien Schnäller
Industrial Designer Stralsund, Germany