Ground Control logo - I used healthy greens and a blue to denote a healthy landscape.
Backyard BBQ logo - A small catering company wanted a logo that could heighten their presence and put their one location and two mobile trucks on par with more established eateries. This logo fits well within the restaurant industry and gives a nice punch to his signage and the stickers he uses to wrap his sandwiches.
a&i expedite logo - The trucking industry is full of typographically uninteresting signage that's intended to do nothing more than keep the authorities happy. I had the opportunity to create a memorable mark when A&I expedite came around wanting a unique logo for their new transportation company. The blending of the letters is professional while remaining playful.
Serra Stationery - Serra Produce Co. was looking for a change in their logo. They'd been working for some time with a red logo with deep blue and black accents. I took a fresh approach with green and a lighter blue that would reflect the freshness found in their products.
Handgrenades collateral - The playful font used for this band logo can be used in any number of ways while maintaining the recognition factor.
Handgrenades CD set - This project was purely personal indulgence. I'd been looking at a lot of Japanese woodblocks and wanted to do something with an oriental bent to it. It was fun to have the guys break out of their stamps on the inside of the booklet.
Ground Control brochure - Having developed a memorable logo, I carried it into other forms of communication. The combination of illustrative elements and real photos bring a unique visual look to the package.
Jason Skidmore