A vector illustration depicting the term "bookworm". This bookworm has discovered an e-reader and is ditching the bound books. Depicts new technology replacing older technology.
Cartoon depiction of the term "couch potato".
An editorial piece illustrating small businesses losing out to large corporations.
A color line art depiction of a modern railroad engine and different freight cars.
A vector recycling bin filled with recyclables.
A couple dancing in formal wear. Black & white line art.
A vector cruise ship.
Cartoon Thanksgiving Turkey. Created for print advertising.
A vector cartoon wizard.
An illustration depicting issues dealing with a bad economy using vacant retail stores in a typical strip mall.
A versatile stock illustration that can be used for high taxes, bankruptcy and other issues dealing with the concept of being broke.
Vector illustration showing poor management with a lack of direction.
A cartoon illustration of a person using outdated technology.
Holiday Elves in various poses. Created primarily with print advertising in mind.
Cartoon color line art of a Hollywood prohibition era gangster.
Jumping Sheep - A fun illustration of the old notion of counting sheep to get to sleep.
Industrial Buildings - A more realistic, color line art depiction of various industrial structures.
When Pigs Fly. Seamless Vector Pattern.
Illustration - Vector

The following are vector illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator. I also illustrate using traditional mediums but have migrated almost exclusively to vector. I enjoy working in multiple styles, from cartoonish to stylized, depending on what the project calls for. In my spare time I enjoy honing my skills creating stock illustrations.

Jamie Slavy
Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography Baltimore, MD